“India’s self-confidence at all time high”, PM Modi’s farewell speech in 16th Lok Sabha

On the last day of 16th Lok Sabha, parliamentarians including Prime Minister gave their farewell speeches thanking for the work done during the 5 years of the 16th Lok Sabha.

The productivity of the Lok Sabha during the NDA government was counted above UPA II but slightly lower than the UPA I tenure. For the entire 16th Lok Sabha session (barring the last few days), the productivity of the current Lok Sabha stands at 83 per cent (till February 6), way above the 63 per cent in UPA II and slightly less than 87 per cent in UPA I.

Speaker Sumitra Mahajan in her farewell speech thanked all MPs for the cooperation during the five years. She has also thanked the staff, officers, gardeners, marshals, police and security forces.

In a surprise move, Samajwadi Party’s Mulayam Singh Yadav praised the Prime Minister and his work and said that he hopes Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister again.

“PM ko badhaai dena chahta hun ki PM ne sabko saath lekar chalne ki koshish ki hai. Main kehna chahta hun ki saare sadaysa phir se jeet kar aayen, aur aap (PM) dobara pradhan mantri banein”.

The PM acknowledged his words with folded hands.

Meanwhile, the Congress president Rahul Gandhi reverted on Mulayam’s remark, by saying, “I disagree with him. But Mulayam Singh Yadav Ji has a role in politics and I respect his opinion.”

Address by the PM

Appreciating the work done by the members of 16th Lok Sabha, PM said, “Every member of the House, both ruling and Opposition, should take pride in the work done during the 16th Lok Sabha. The House has contributed a lot in boosting the self-confidence of the nation.”

Giving some facts and figures, PM said,

  • After three decades a government was formed with a complete majority.
  • Eight of 17 sessions of this Lok Sabha had over 100% productivity, overall productivity over 85%.
  • Highest number of women members in House and in Cabinet with two top Ministers, Speaker, Lok Sabha Secretary-General are all women.
  • 44 first time women MPs were time elected to the Lok Sabha
  • 203 bills out of 219 passed, including the one on curbing black money.
  • Highest number of satellites launched during the 16th Lok Sabha’s tenure.

And all these achievements are due to a full majority government, as the world only recognises a full mandate,

he says.  India has made huge contribution in terms of humanitarian work, he added.

PM Modi took pride saying that the House passed the anti-money laundering bill, GST Bill, Aadhaar Bill, the Enemy Properties Bill and the 10% quota Bill, making a special mention of the bill which extended maternity leave to 26 weeks.

He quips that though we have done some damage to the MPs’ pockets, we are happy we have rationalised the Parliament canteens prices.

“A new aspect has emerged about the way India deals with foreign relations. This is about how we are very sensitive about human rights. Whether it’s about the earthquake in Nepal, the water crisis in the Maldives … or similar issues with our neighbouring countries”, remarked PM Modi in his praiseworthy note.

PM Modi took a jibe on Opposition and chiefly Rahul Gandhi, the Congress President. “A lot of people said there would be earthquakes during our tenure. And some also flew some planes. But there were no earthquakes, nor did the planes go any higher,” he says in a veiled reference to the Rafale controversy.

PM concluded with a special thanks to Mulayam Singh Yadav as the Samajwadi supremo gave his blessings for a second term.

Rajya Sabha

The 13-day Budget session turned out to be a total washout in the Rajya Sabha as Opposition parties stalled proceedings repeatedly over issues ranging from Rafale fighter jet deal to Citizenship Bill.

The Rajya Sabha was adjourned sine die after it passed some Bills including Interim Budget and Finance Bill for 2019-20 without debate. Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu in his customary address at the close of the session said that precious time of the House was lost in protests, stalling proceedings.
Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Harivansh said that if discussions are not held on the important issues in the House of Elders then it reflects on the health of the democracy. “The MPs in this session couldn’t reach a consensus to discuss issues, it was disappointing,” he said.

As the Rajya Sabha was adjourned sine die after it passed some Bills, important bills like the Citizenship Bill and Triple Talaq Bill could not be taken, meaning the two Bills will lapse as the 16th Lok Sabha ends. Both the Bills have sailed through the Lok Sabha but were pending before the Rajya Sabha where NDA was short of a majority.

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