Congress manifesto not a ghoshna-patra, but a dhakosla-patra, PM Modi in Arunachal Pradesh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a rally in Arunachal Pradesh ’s Pasighat where he blasted at the Congress’ manifesto for the Lok Sabha elections 2019, terming it as a ‘dhakosla patra’ saying, “Just like Congress, their manifesto is also corrupt, and that is why it should be called a ‘dhakosla patra’.

Calling it as “dishonest” and full of lies as the party’s leadership, PM Modi said “It is not a ghoshnapatra (manifesto) but a dhakosla-patra (hypocritical document),” while campaigning in Arunachal Pradesh.

The Congress Manifesto

Elections for the 17th Lok Sabha will be held in seven phases, between April 11 and May 19. The results will be declared on May 23.

The Congress manifesto was released on Tuesday. Party President Rahul Gandhi while addressing the press conference highlighted its focus on five big economic and social ideas including the NYAY scheme that promises Rs.72,000 a year to India’s poorest families.

The Congress manifesto was released in the presence of senior party leaders. From NYAY scheme to generating jobs, the Congress President promised to bring wealth and welfare to everyone in the country. The party proposed five key ideas in the manifesto – NYAY scheme, employment, farmers’ relief, education and healthcare. He also promised to bring in a separate farmers’ budget as well as a simpler GST format. The Congress President also said that they will increase the defence budget and review AFSPA.

The manifesto also has a mention of decriminalising laws like those on sedition and defamation.

The Prime Minister is scheduled to hold mega rallies in West Bengal’s Siliguri and Kolkata and Maharashtra’s Gondia, while Congress president Rahul Gandhi will hold three public meetings entirely in northeast states — one in Nagaland and two in Assam’s Golaghat district and North Lakhimpur town.

Rahul Gandhi s also scheduled to arrive in Kerala late Wednesday night to file his nomination papers from Wayanad, which he chose as the second Lok Sabha constituency to fight elections. He is expected to fly from Kozhikode to Wayanad in a chopper and lead a roadshow in Kalpetta before filing his nomination before the district collector. AICC general secretary Priyanka Gandhi is expected to accompany the party chief in Wayanad.

PM’s Arunachal Pradesh rally

For Lok Sabha Elections 2019, political rallies are being organised all across the country. The Prime Minister addressed a rally in Arunachal Pradesh’s Pasighat today. Arunachal Pradesh is among the states that will vote in the first round of the national election on April 11. The north-eastern state will witness simultaneous assembly elections as well with voting for 57 assembly seats and two parliamentary constituencies .

“What has happened to these people,” PM said, referring to the Gandhi family – without naming them – as “Namdars”.

“On one hand this chowkidar is standing here trying to protect the country and on the other hand, this power-hungry Congress has stooped so low. Is the Congress’s hand with the citizens or with anti-nationals”, questioned PM.

He also accused past Congress governments of ignoring the northeast and overlooking the region in their schemes.

“In their 2004 manifesto, Congress stated that every house would have electricity by 2009. However, till 2014 around 18,000 houses were unelectrified”, said the PM as he targets Congress for its failure to provide electricity to villages.

Lauding his efforts for developing the state of Arunachal Pradesh, PM said that when he first came to Pasighat five years ago, the location was a field. Now it has become a splendid stadium. He also added that every house in Arunachal Pradesh has received electricity after 70 years of independence.

The 2019 election, said the Prime Minister, “is an election between truth and lies, between those who deliver and those who make false promises, between those you can trust and those who are corrupt.”

Adorning the traditional headgear of the northeastern state, PM addressed the local people saying that, “This time’s election is the choice between promises and intentions. This is the choice between trust and corruption. It is the choice between your cultural heritage, tradition, those who protect your pride and your garments, jokes about your traditions.”

I’m a person who challenges, challenges. If I take up a task, I ensure it’s completed in time. It’s your love and blessings that I’m able to work day and night for the people of the country, said the PM.

As PM Modi addressed the rally in the north-eastern bordering state, Congress released a statement accusing BJP of engaging in cash for votes.

Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said that on Tuesday night the police recovered Rs 180 lakh in Rs 500 notes during a raid on Arunachal Pradesh chief minister Pema Khandu’s convoy.




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